* Food is on my mind as often as girls and related activities are on a guy’s mind, so yes, I am quite obsessed!!!!!  The only problem being I am horrible at cooking. I think the curse must have been planted when I was in 4th grade, mistakenly using liquid detergent as vegetable oil to stir fry something…  Haven’t gone too far from instant noodle or boiling dumplings since then. It’s time to make a commitment and follow through with ONE New Year’s resolution! The plan is to keep track of my trials and errors  on this blog as I take baby steps toward learning how to make food edible, delicious and eventually bring joy to people who get to eat what I make! Wish me luck! 🙂

** Recipes used here are adapted from friends, the wide internet community and home creations. Special thanks to friends who have impressed and inspired me with cooking and drinking, you know who you are!

*** Kudos to MM for preparing the ingredients for me from time to time. You do an excellent job as the assistant chef  (打下手) 😉


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